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Counseling Therapy, Oviedo Counseling, Winter Springs Counseling




Personalized one on one confidential sessions designed around your needs and outcomes with a relational style approach that is supportive. The focus is on the core issue, not just managing symptoms.



Whether in Crisis or just needing some Check-up meetings, we have specialized therapists that are tailored to your relationship needs.  If you have tried others, we encourage you to interview us in detail over the phone.  

Oviedo, counseling, counseling Oviedo

children & teen counseling

We are especially picky about the care the children and teens we work with receive. We have a certified play therapist and we specialize in working with difficult cases for teens and their parents.  We help not just heal the child but also restore the parent-child relationship.

life coaching

Life Coaching is a specialized niche that can help promote positive outcomes & specialized supportive action plans with powerful results.  Whether career, life changes, financial or health coaching is needed, we will walk along with you in achieving your goals so that you can live a healthy life.

*Get Started With a low-risk Initial Appointment*

We at Tree of life Counseling Center are committed to your healing process and want to make your journey in counseling as smooth as possible. One of the most important steps toward transformation is finding a counselor that’s the right fit for you. For that reason, we offer you a low-risk initial session.

What Does That Mean?

If you decide for any reason not to continue with the counselor after your first meeting, we will return 50% of the fee for the session back to you. We want you to feel confident to find the right counselor and that your investment in us will yield positive change and growth. Our counselors are well equipped and sincere in helping you get started.

You Can Start Healing & Help Right Now!

*There are a few cases where this initial coupon would not apply. Contact Admin for minor exceptions.

They do an amazing job of coming alongside and encouraging people in a season of crisis or difficulty. They handle delicate situations with grace and gentleness and show people through both words and actions that they are loved, they have value, and there is hope!

—  Dana Bates


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