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Various Resources, Books, Podcasts, and Healing concepts.  Terms of use are Noted via the authors and are not publications of The Tree of Life.


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Personal Growth (Self/Others)

The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God by Timothy Keller


Cry of the Soul: How our emotions reveal our deepest questions about God—by Dan Allender


How People Change –by Timothy S. Lane; Paul David Tripp


The Healing Path—by Dan Allender
Addiction and Grace—by Gerald G. May, M.D.

Self Harm

Sacred Pain: hurting the body for the sake of the soul—by Ariel Glucklich

Female Perversions: the temptations of Emma Bovary—by Louise J. Kaplan

Sexual Abuse

The Wounded Heart: hope for adult victims of childhood sexual abuse—by Dan Allender 

Sexual Addiction

Female Perversions-- Louise J. Kaplan

False Intimacy: Understanding the struggle of sexual addiction—by Harry W. Schaumburg

Borderline Personality Disorder

Stop Walking on Eggshells: Taking your life back when someone you care about has borderline personality disorder—by Paul T. Mason & Randi Kreger

Marriage & Relationships

Bold Love—by Dan Allender
Intimate Allies: rediscovering God's design for marriage and becoming soul mates for life—by Dan Allender

For Men

Wild at Heart: discovering the secret of a man's soul—by John Eldredge

Tough or toxic Relationships:

Difficult Conversations: How to discuss what matters most—by Douglass Stone

Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself -by Melody Beattie

Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents: How to Heal from Distant, Rejecting, or Self-Involved Parents- by Lindsay C. Gibson

The Emotionally Destructive Relationship: Seeing It, Stopping It, Surviving It - by Leslie Vernick

Changes That Heal: Four Practical Steps to a Happier, Healthier- by Henry Cloud + Changes That Heal Workbook:

Toughest People to Love: How to Understand, Lead, and Love the Difficult People in Your Life -- by Chuck DeGroat

When Narcissism Comes to Church: Healing Your Community From Emotional and Spiritual Abuse- by Chuck DeGroat  (29 Forgiveness: What It Is)   (28 Forgiveness: What It's Not)

Controlling People: How to recognize, understand, and deal with people who try to control you—by Patricia Evans


Trauma Work:

The Body Keeps the Score | Bessel van der Kolk

The Soul of Shame: Retelling the Stories We Believe About Ourselves |Curt Thompson


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