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"You cannot go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending."




The Tree of Life Counseling Center & Foundation is a dedicated group of highly qualified professionals in the areas of clinical care, life coaching, financial stewardship, assessments & research-based seminars committed to seeing people well.  Not just well, but thriving.  

Seeing our clients thriving in their homes, employment, relationships, spiritual health, finances, physical and emotional health is our mission.  As a skilled and faith-based group, we also believe and follow God's guiding and his power to help heal and transform us.  

Se Habla Español!!!

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Feeling alone? 

Tree of life counseling can help you

Oviedo, counseling, counseling Oviedo

Oviedo, counseling, counseling Oviedo


When you're here, you're home


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